Life After AmeriCorps

After two years with the AmeriCorps, I can’t believe that my time in service is almost over! It has so profoundly affected who I am and how I exist in the world around me.

I have spent my time with Ready to Learn Providence at the Providence Public Library and it has shaped not only my time in the AmeriCorps, but also my future career plans. My plans after AmeriCorps are to go to library school at the University of Pittsburgh and specialize in public library work. My time working in a public library has shaped my view of the work that public libraries can do and the profound impact that they can have on a community. I am so excited to give back to my community in this meaningful way, and my time in the AmeriCorps has made this opportunity possible.

I am so excited to begin my career, but I know that my connection with the AmeriCorps does not end after my time of service. I intend on being an engaged alumna and staying connected with the important work that the AmeriCorps performs, both on the ground and behind the scenes.

My experiences have changed my life. I hope that whoever fills my position gets the same opportunities I did to lead, listen and learn because that is what our term of service is for. You enter as one thing, and leave as something completely different. At least that’s what happened to me.

Image  Image  Image  Image


(Sadly I’m too lazy to get photo releases for the kids, or I would have more story time pictures! However, look at all the stuff Ready to Learn Providence does!)

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