Education Fellows and VISTAs at The Learning Community

What does an AmeriCorps Education Fellow, at The Learning Community, a public charter school in Central Falls, do all day?

My name is Marisa Gonzalez, and I have the opportunity to serve at a great place! AmeriCorps members at The Learning Community are either Education Fellows or VISTAs. I am a part of the Ed Fellow Team, which works with all of the students (Kindergarten through 8th grade), in one-on-ones, small groups, arrival, study halls, electives, afterschool and homework centers. Most AmeriCorps members are with these fantastic students for breakfast, lunch, and dinner — with a snack or two in between. For a well-planned day, problem solving and quick thinking are required to navigate all of these responsibilities. AmeriCorps members are always looking for ways to improve the school day. During middle grade lunch, I worked with students on ways to improve clean up and dismissal times to ensure smoother transitions. Smooth transitions are important for students because they give students a good sense of organization, repetition and scheduling.

Within the Ed Fellow Team there are three smaller cohorts: English Language Development (ELD), Reading, and Math. Each cohort of Ed Fellows works with targeted students in their specialty. Every Ed Fellow has a different schedule, different students and usually teaches their own middle grade elective. I am a part of the ELD team and I teach American Sign Language for my elective. I really enjoy working with different languages.

Our VISTA team shares some of these same responsibilities as well as having their own projects and unique contributions to add to the community we work in. All together we make up The Learning Community AmeriCorps team, and love having this opportunity to serve.

Below Education Fellows spending a chilly Fall Sunday together at Dame Farm- a hay ride, a corn maze and of course caramel apples!


About MarisaAnEducationFellow

Hi, everybody. This year I am an AmeriCorps Education Fellow at The Learning Community in Central Falls, Rhode Island. Another team member and myself are part of the InterCorps Council. Enjoy our blog thoughts. Pay it forward!
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