Giving Thanks and Volunteering

The month of November is upon us and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Now is the perfect time to give thanks and show gratitude for our families, friends, colleagues and neighbors.

Volunteering in all black at the Waterfire for Veterans!

This past Saturday the Tri-town team decided to brave the bitter cold air and volunteer our time to give thanks. Helping in what little way we can to honor our fellow Veterans for their unwavering commitment to serve our country.

Witnessing the amount of hard work and preparation put into the seemingly effortless display of the Waterfire was astonishing. The beautiful sight of the flames reflecting against the city river never ceases to amaze. Knowing that these lights were ablaze as a memorial to the Veterans of past and present warms the heart. We often take for granted those who have selflessly offered up their lives in order for us to live out ours in freedom.

At the office, we have assisted in the incoming LIHEAP (Low-Income Heating Energy Assistance Programs) applications for the year while engaging with the local community as much as we can. During food bank days we offer our assistance in outreach to the incoming clients. We also have sign-ups for those interested in receiving a little thanksgiving basket for the month of November.

During our limited free time, some of us are creating visual fact sheets on household budgets. In hopes increase awareness and educate some of the incoming clients on how to better assess and utilize available funds.

The work at the office has been hectic. A challenge that we embrace full-on with our open hearts and strong minds. Knowing that the more people we meet in need of our assistance– the larger impact we are making to the greater community. The thank-yous and sighs of relief that result from our help has made the sometimes chaotic work all the more rewarding.

To be someone’s “yes” in a world that says “no” is what makes us look forward to another day at the office. The gratitude we receive positively impacts our work here at Emergency Services. It motivates us to continually strive to make another person’s day/situation/lives better even if it is for just that brief moment.

So, I encourage everyone to give thanks to those around you. It will not only make that person’s day much brighter, but I guarantee it will help you gain a better appreciation of all the blessings around you big and small.

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