Holiday Hoopla! The Spirit of Giving and Service

The end of the holiday season is an important time for reflection. Our corps members at The Learning Community are reflecting on our time with students and our fellow corps members.
To help get us in the holiday spirit our program director hosted a winter celebration at her home in early December. It was a great time to relax and get to know each other better. We played fun games and shared quirky gifts. It prepared us for the final two weeks before winter vacation.
As we went into our winter break it was hard to believe that we wouldn’t see our students for two weeks! We didn’t know what we would do with ourselves. For some of us our break was a time to spend with friends and family and for others it was time to get much-needed rest.
The break gave me time to look over my student’s work once again. As I looked over their work I saw different ways that I could help them better when I returned from break. With help from the Math Specialist I made two to three objectives for each student to work on for the rest of the quarter. These objectives included working on dividing decimals to using a different strategy for multiplying large numbers. In the short week we have been back I have seen how these objectives have already helped the students. For example, there was a student who didn’t want to do any work in class, now he completed all of his work before the other students. Although it is great serving the students, it is nice to take a break and think deeper about why we are doing what we are doing.
We came back to service rested and empowered to finish the year strong. Our break gave us time to reflect and step away from our daily work, but also time to consider how we are growing as teachers. We are looking forward to new opportunities to learn from our peers and students.



About MarisaAnEducationFellow

Hi, everybody. This year I am an AmeriCorps Education Fellow at The Learning Community in Central Falls, Rhode Island. Another team member and myself are part of the InterCorps Council. Enjoy our blog thoughts. Pay it forward!
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