Economic Opportunity

Here at The Learning Community, students are given many opportunities. The school has worked to build a great sense of community among students, teachers and families, and we explore together what it means for our community to be reaching for a common goal.

Students are offered free breakfast, lunch and a snack every day at school. I feel this is key for our students to be able to focus and learn throughout the day. The students also have a choice to get dinner in our after school program to help them stay focused and get through their long days at school.

Another great way our school shows economic opportunity is our dress code. All students must wear brand-free clothing and if they do not have access to such we provide them with dark blue pants and light blue shirts. Students must wear the appropriate uniform to school every day. This eliminates any kind of favoritism, or even bullying because of what a student is wearing. There is no debate on who is the “cool kid” because of what a student is wearing.

Our school does a great job giving each of our students the same economic opportunity and I’m so pleased and honored to be a part of it. Here is a picture of some of our smiling faces during lunch time!

lunch pic


About MarisaAnEducationFellow

Hi, everybody. This year I am an AmeriCorps Education Fellow at The Learning Community in Central Falls, Rhode Island. Another team member and myself are part of the InterCorps Council. Enjoy our blog thoughts. Pay it forward!
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